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Amadeus - The Man - The Music - The Madness
1984 - Director: Milos Forman – Starring Tom Hulce as Mozart and F. Murray Abraham as Salieri

My father actually never goes to the movies.
Instead he likes concerts at the Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele. Classical concerts.

From my father's point of view, the 3 most important people ever are

a) God
b) God's son
c) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

I couldn't always share his Mozart-enthusiasm.
In order to illustrate that there are also other musical geniuses
I put him headphones on and played Ian Gillan's "Kill the King". That didn't convince him, though.

In 1984 they showed AMADEUS at the cinemas. I watched the movie straightaway
and I came to the conclusion that – in spite of Ian Gillan's noteworthy performance -
Mozart surely was the more gifted one of them.

Anyway, I thought my father would like the movie, too, so I gave him a ticket as a birthday present.

Milos Forman's movie had already been awarded 8 Oscars and even today
it is considered as one of the top 100 movies ever.
However, there was a risk in watching that movie with my father
- after all he knows EVERYTHING about the protagonist.

Well, the movie passed the test. My father was delighted.

8 Oscars and 2 von Aichbergers, this is all a movie can ever get!


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Internet movie data base:
www.imdb.com/Title?0086879 (rating: 8.2/10)

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