My Cinema Page - The mystery of the cinema curtain - UFA-Palast in Cologne
Das Kinovorhang-Mysterium - Vorhang im UFA-Palast Köln

Anne, 25

"Yes, that happened to me already. But I didn’t think about it.
Is it supposed to mean something?"

Jens, 24 Hamburg

"No, that didn't happen to me yet. Though, if it would happen, I would think that it was bad timing again, like everything else in life that goes wrong."

Stefan, 23

"Yes, I saw that several times, but thinking about it? Well, actually then I was only pissed off about the incompetent cinema operators."

Svenja, 24

"Yes, I experienced that already. I watched the spot shimmering through the curtain and thought: Obviously they can't wait to get rid of their fucking ice cream. I completely ignore this then."

Caspar, 21

"Depends on the spot. If it was a good one I think: too bad!
If it was a poor one I think: great!"

Diana, 30, Bietigheim-Bissingen

"Even though I find it inappropriate to close the curtain while the spot is still running, I don't get too much annoyed about it because I'm still looking forward to the movie, which was the main reason why I entered these august surroundings."

Kirsten, 20

"I think this is a quite interesting discussion, because I also find this an absolutely impertinent phenomenon. Particularly since it happens every time. So my opinion is: A really poor trick, treating the ads in such a disrespectful manner in order to annoy the audience und thus raising expectations concerning the upcoming movie. ... No, seriously: I find it annoying. But I think nobody notices because everybody is busy with rummaging for money in their purse so that they can buy some of the delicious standard ice cream."

Sonja, 24

"Really, I don't give a damn. I don't like ads anyway and most of the time I don't even watch it."

Markus, 22

"I always find things like that annoying ... unless it was a poor movie. But if it wasn't, the entire atmosphere is destroyed. There's an immediate rush, everybody starts talking and wants to get out. For me, this ruins a lot ..."


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